Detecting unmet participation need among students with craniofacial microsomia

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We celebrated two good things at the very same time this week! This past year or so, we had the opportunity to dig into data that were collected by a team in Boston and Seattle, to investigate developmental and psychosocial outcomes among children and youth with craniofacial microsomia, including their school participation. We were assembled via Zoom this week for lab meeting, and in the throes of pulling together a virtual poster presentation for AOTA, as their annual conference had been cancelled due to COVID-19. While finishing the assembly of our poster, we got news of the manuscript being accepted for publication in the American Journal of Occupational Therapy! We are honored and humbled for the opportunity to have assembled an interdisciplinary team of researchers and clinicians across multiple institutions to understand participation need in this population. Each team member brought valuable insight to the population and/or topic under study, challenging us to diversify how we think and communicate on this work to an AJOT readership.