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Sabrin transitions to faculty

CPERL bids a semi-farewell to Dr. Sabrin Rizk!

CPERL bids a semi-farewell to Dr. Sabrin Rizk as she transitions to a tenure-track faculty position in the Department of Occupational Therapy here at UIC! Since joining CPERL in 2021, Sabrin has made important contributions to large data research operationalizing the concept 'medical home primary care' in relationship to service access during early childhood. Her background as a pediatric health services researcher placed her in an important role for the PROSPECT project to examine the effectiveness of implementing the YC-PEM into an early intervention workflow and stakeholder perspectives of supports, barriers, and strategies to its implementation. Her energy, mentorship, and high quality contributions to the lab will be missed dearly. We look forward to following along as she continues to advance her research agenda in her new position.

Mary Shares: I am grateful that Sabrin chose to join the CPERL team for mentored research training during her postdoctoral training phase. As a rising pediatric health services researcher, she stretched our team to revisit how we can and should engage with scholarly difference and value scholarly opportunity.  Sabrin invited us to engage in figuring out how to best capture and study her multidimensional service outcome of interest - 'medical home care' - and thereby establish common ground with our team's effort to better capture and study a multidimensional clinical outcome of  collective interest - 'children's participation'. By courageously dipping our toes into each other's scientific space, we found ways to productively test the waters of research collaboration through which she trained to strengthen her knowledge, skills, and habits to conceptualize and gain momentum for launching a coherent research agenda ... with filters to stay focused and flexible and plans for intentionally building quality research teams to maximize impact. Each milestone moment (first lead manuscript submission, first faculty fellowship awarded, first student co-mentored in research) was celebrated with inspiring Kobe Bryant quote(s), personalized decor, and/or delicious treat(s) to share so as to savor it. It was special to be part of this B2F postdoctoral chapter, and we share your excitement as you take off into your next chosen chapter.