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Lab announcements

When someone says you can't do it .. do it twice, and take pictures - anonymous.

Thanks for visiting this page where we work together to capture the various facets of our team's journey to date. For posts older than 2020, please see this website.

image of Marlene

CPERL welcomes Marlene

CPERL welcomes Marlene to our team! Marlene is a junior at UIC majoring in kinesiology and part of the Honors College. She is very passionate about becoming a pediatric occupational therapist, and found…


New CCTS article and podcast feature

CPERL partners to produce an article and podcast on our academic-community partnership for YC-PEM implementation in early intervention practice.


Zuri models the way for transitioning up in CPERL

Zuri is our very first CPERL team member to transition up from undergraduate to graduate study at UIC. This past May, Zuri graduated from her honors undergraduate program of study with a major…


New Lab Website

We are excited to share that we have just launched a new and improved CPERL website.

Vivian smiling holding blue check

Vivian Receives Most Promising Pediatric Clinician Award

We are excited to announce that Vivian is an awardee of a Most Promising Pediatric Clinician Award presented by Chicago Occupational Therapy. This award recognizes students with excellent clinical competence, academic performance, and…

image of CPERL lab members on zoom

Vera Defends Dissertation Proposal

On International Day of Women and Girls in Science, we proudly announce that CPERL has its first PhD candidate! Last Fall, Vera completed her preliminary exam and got busy designing her dissertation proposal, which she successfully…

CanChild logo

CanChild Contract Renewed

CPERL renews sponsored contract to support research and development activities relevant to the CanChild portfolio.

Julia in an office holding an award

CPERL Welcomes Julia

We welcome Julia Sim to the CPERL team! Julia is currently completing her junior year as a psychology major, where she is also a part of the Honors College program. Julia will be completing her honors capstone in our lab.

CPERL party

CPERL Celebrates 10 Years Strong

Our lab began the year with our annual lab retreat, followed by an evening event to celebrate our first (but not last) decade of accomplishment and growth.

a woman with a glass of wine and cake

Vivian Defends OTD

Last week, Vivian successfully defended her capstone project to earn her clinical doctorate in occupational therapy (OTD), with her family, colleagues, mentors, and friends in attendance via Zoom.

tea on a table

Vera Passes PhD Preliminary Exam

Vera, CPERL's first PhD student, passes her preliminary exam and advances to designing her dissertation proposal this Fall.

hands playing with a rocket

Partnering to Launch New Trial, Pandemic Style

CPERL together with our partners at Rocky Mountain Human Services (RMHS) are launching a new pragmatic trial researching the implementation of the Young Children's Participation and Environment Measure (YC-PEM) in early intervention.

AWIS logo

Publication Alert: Building an Anti-Racist CPERL

AWIS Magazine publication exploring the importance of building an anti-racist research lab, how to action plan for an anti-racist research lab, and where CPERL plans to go in the near future.

AHRQ logo

Grant Alert: New AHRQ R01

Mary Khetani and CPERL team will contribute to an exciting interdisciplinary AHRQ R01 project on early intervention

zoom party with five people

CPERL Welcomes Varun

We extend a warm welcome to Varun Maheshwari to the CPERL team!

kyle as a child and now

Semi-Farewell to Kyle

Our newest CPERL member, Kyle Truevillian, has completed his summer internship with us and is headed back down to begin his junior year at Emory University this Fall.

people at a zoom party

CPERL welcomes Mehdi

Can you hear that sound of joy, too? It is coming from Chicago, where we are rebuilding our interdisciplinary CPERL team to include the full continuum of members, ranging from those completing undergraduate…

headshot of kyle

CPERL welcomes Kyle

CPERL is excited to welcome Kyle Truevillian to the team!